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Unitech is a global provider of AIDC technologies with over 40 years’ experience.​ Unitech manufactures high quality products, at affordable prices. Offering a wide range of enterprise mobile computers, rugged handheld PDAs, industrial tablets, RFID readers & barcode scanners (1D/2D, DPM and ESD safe). Unitech products bring value to customers throughout the world in various industries, such as: logistics, healthcare, retails, warehousing, manufacturing, transportation and field services.

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We believe that RFID technology is playing a significant role to empower the Industry 4.0.

Unitech has followed up the development of RFID over 10 years. It is Unitech’s commitment as one of pioneer AIDC manufacturer to embrace the RFID technology and adapt it in our various platforms from mobile to fixed position. We believe that RFID technology is playing a significant role to empower the Industry 4.0. Not only the hardware, we are also investing in IoT data management cloud-based platform to help the business to interchange the data between the RFID nodes with the backend system. We believe in Empowering solutions.

Didier Snacken

Managing Director, Unitech Europe

Unitech have developed a great range of RFID products that are easy to implement into any environment. RFID is a technology from which companies can benefit massively by decreasing time in the workflow and save time and overall costs. Unitech provides a varied line of devices in mobile, I-portal, in fixed position, in small foot-print module that are durable, scalable and up to all modern standards. We’re focused on producing high quality products at affordable prices and a strong ability to work closely with our customers. Unitech has grown into a leading provider of AIDC products worldwide. We have built many strong business units in North America, APAC, China, Europe, Japan and Taiwan and works closely with over 1,000 partners in over 35 countries. Unitech is dedicated on providing solutions for increased efficiency and decreased costs.

Unitech “Let’s Talk RFID” programme is designed to discuss RFID solutions with resellers, end-users and manufactures.

At Unitech we aim to pull together inspired and creative ideas that delivers RFID solutions’ from start to finish. Please reach out to us to via our contact form or via rfid@eu.ute.com to discuss RFID and see what we can deliver together.  

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    Didier Snacken

    Managing Director

    Sjaak van Oosterhout

    Technical & Operation Director