Scalable RFID Reading.

The rugged PA760 plus the RG760 is a great balance between rapid technology development of an Android PDA, that is Android Enterprise Recommended to ensure longevity of future OS deployments and security updates, coupled with the RG760 UHF RFID gun-grip technology for super-fast tag reading (750 tags per second) from up to 6 meters away.
Empowering PA760 for RFID/UHF applications

Equipped with the intuitive and easy-to-use handheld sled design, just attach the PA760 (Android Enterprise Recommended) upgradable Android 9 /or Android 10 device on RG760 and it’s ready for both barcode and UHF RFID reading solutions. Makes for an easy-to-operate, ergonomic and low weight RFID solution. This pairing makes for superior UHF RFID data collection and 1D/2D barcode reading solution.


In-store and Warehousing inventorying at its best

The combination of the PA760 + RG760 delivers the ability to read major RFID tags including EPC Class1 Gen2 V2 standards and all major 1D/2D barcodes. The RG760 is capable to read 750 tags per second and users can read RFID tags up to 6 meters away. This combination delivers fast inventory control on warehouse shelves, pallets, supply chain, manufacturing and asset management applications.

Long range reading

Scalable solution

Flagship RFID solutions

PA760 GMS / AER certified / Android 9 or Android 10

User friendly design

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