**New** 4-port RFID UHF fixed reader for IoT applications.  

The RS804 is a 4-port RFID UHF fixed reader for IoT applications. It is equipped with a wide range of input power, USB, RS232, RJ45 and 4 GPIO interfaces. The unitech RS804 is a powerful RFID fixed reader with 4 antenna ports, versatile hosts and connectivity options. 

The RS804 is ready to deliver the fast, accurate and dense read capability for today’s business requirement. This device is equipped with most advanced RFID radio technology – Impinj R2000 chip, and it boosts the superior performance and the read rates is up to 900 read tags/sec. Supporting a global frequency range of 865MHz – 928MHz, this device is capable of reading and writing all tags that conform to EPC global Class1 Gen2, ISO/IEC 18000-6C standards.

Besides, this RFID reader is rugged enough to meet challenging environments with its IP52 water resistance for industrial and dustproof rating. With its compact form factor and Power over Ethernet (PoE) design, users can easily deploy the RS804 where it is needed without installing extra outlets – ideal for large open environment. With a compact form factor; this allows easily installation which can be used in most of applications.

The RS804 offers various interfaces that make it simple to be deployed in wide applications such as warehousing, library management, logistic, kiosk services and production equipment tracking.

Application Examples:

  • Warehousing and logistic
    – Shipment tracking system
    – Inventory management
  •  Manufacturing
    – Production equipment tracking
    – Operator identifies
  • Retail
    – Self-checkout application
    – Kiosk Services
    – Smart shelf
  • Library managemet

Fixed RFID solution with compact form factor

4 RFID antenna ports

Long range reading

+30dBm max transmit power and fast tag reading rate

Support EPC global UHF Class 1 Gen 2 / ISO 18000-6C

Devices for both EU: 865-868 MHz / US: 902-928 MHz

Power over Ethernet (PoE) design